Although Park Estates seems like a relatively secluded area with very few access points, people all around the Los Angeles area, California, the United States and the world have gotten a glimpse of our neighborhood.

That’s because Park Estates is a favorite among makers of movies, television shows and commercials. And why not? We have beautiful tree-lined streets, attractive and well-kept homes, and relatively good weather (compared to other parts of the country). That lets our neighborhood stand in for lots of other cities around the country. Several years ago, two TV shows
were filming on the same day, and Park Estates served as both Miami and Memphis.
One TV commercial featuring Park Estates has been running for more than a year – the Infiniti ad featuring an SUV backing up into the path of a school bus that was filmed on Las Lomas Street.
Recently, a large crew spent several days at several locations in the Estates section filming a pilot for a television show, which may or may not ever get on the air.

All of these productions cost money. Homeowners who rent out their property for filming are paid for the use of their home. Many production companies also rent adjoining properties for equipment, food preparation, dining and other activities. The City of Long Beach collects a substantial fee for using the city streets. And the Park Estates Homeowners Association also asks the producers for a small contribution.
The homeowners association request is based on a couple of facts: 1. Generally, each production takes away parking and inhibits travel around more than just the few properties that are immediately affected; and 2. The association spends a lot of money to keep the neighborhood attractive on such things as tree replacement, doggie waste bags and receptacles, enforcement of the CC&Rs to keep up appearances and other neighborhood improvement projects. The production companies. through their contribution, can help keep the neighborhood looking good and benefit the other affected residents who they don’t pay directly.
Most production companies are very willing to contribute to the association when asked, and recognize it as a way to keep the neighborhood attractive. Compared to the cost of a production, the association asks for a very modest contribution of $500 a day for one or two days of filming, more if there are multiple locations or a longer production period. The main reason the producers balk at a contribution is that they say it wasn’t in the budget. Here is where Park Estates residents can help.
If a location scout approaches you to use your home, mention that the Park Estates Homeowners Association would like to get a contribution. If you are approached for your permission to have the production film in your part of the neighborhood, ask if they have contacted the association (the city usually requires the consent of a certain percentage of homeowners before filming can begin). While the city generally notifies the association of an upcoming filming permit, if you know about a production, please call the PEHA Treasurer, Dave Eastman, at 562-494-3505.

By Dave Eastman


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